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At Dezigntime Australia we have 25 strong close knit staff members. Each person is an integral unit of the company all geared to efficiency, productivity to consequently add value to our business directive. All employees have their varied tasks but integrate to form a strong unit, which ultimately promotes teamwork and enhances comradeship.

Dezigntime Australia has numerous departments split to maximize efficiency through the division of labour. These departments include:

The reasearch and development department
Which sources new brands and job lots locally and aboard. This arm of the company is always on the lookout for new exciting brands and assesses their feasibility to introduce them into the market place.

The marketing department
We believe to identify the customer's needs is the primary marketing objective. The marketing department ensures that our customers are always content and identifies any strengths and weaknesses that may exist. Moreover, it promotes the right company image and implements proactive actions not reactive action to keep ahead of the competition.

The sales department
This department serves as the 'face' of Dezigntime Australia. Armed with all the knowledge and products from the other departments our sales representatives are committed to closing the deal whilst serving the customers needs and conveying the right image of Dezigntime Australia.

The administrtion and accounts department
The smooth running of the company depends accurate records. This department essentially serves as the backbone of the company allowing the smooth flow of information between departments and tracks any financial transaction that Dezigntime Australia may encounter.


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